te-goné tile

Each hand formed clay is pressed together to form a tile

“te-goné tile “is a tile designed by the company NENDO, with three-dimensional clay shapes such as spheres and rectangulars arranged at regular intervals then pressed and formed on a smooth surface. By pressing down on the adjacent clay shapes, they integrate into one unified tile.

For example, when clay spheres are arranged at regular intervals and pressed with a smooth plate, adjacent clay is pushed together and transformed into naturally shaped hexagons.

The rectangular clay shapes are transformed to flatten rectangular with slightly bulging centers.

Customizable tile texture

By sandwiching cloth or wood between the clay surface and the pressing plate, different textures can be given to the surface

Color variations

Like ordinary tiles, they are baked with glaze for color variations, White, Beige, Gray, and Black. We have these 4 colors available.


Photographer+Filming : Akihiro Yoshida

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