We produce tile art using tiles of various shapes and sizes. We deliver high quality artwork by craftsmen who are well versed in the characteristics of the materials, from a presentation that provides an easy-to-understand image of the finished product.

We will do total planning according to your budget from presentation to production.

  • Dot Art : Make use of the shape of the tiles to create a pixel art.
  • Semi Hand Art : The shape of the tile is used to express the details by hand.
  • Full Hand Art : Everything is handmade and expressed in detail.

Art production example #01 : Mono Mosaic

  • Dot Art

  • Semi Hand Art

  • Full Hand Art

Art production example #02 : Glass Mosaic

  • Dot Art

  • Semi Hand Art

  • Full Hand Art

Art production example #03 : Marble Mosaic

  • Dot Art

  • Semi Hand Art

  • Full Hand Art

Dot Art

Mosaic art by dot art, which requires skill of omission and deformation. We produce mosaic art by replacing the customer's image with the grains of mosaic tiles.

Comparative examples of art production using various mosaic tiles

  • Size : 600×600mm (4 sheets each)

  • 15mm square (36×36 grains)

  • 10mm square (48×48 grains)

  • 8mm square (60×60 grains)

Introduction to the process of dot art production

After we produce the presentation sheet and obtain the customer's approval, we will carry out the final production at our affiliated workshop in China.

  • Determine the required number of tiles to be used based on the drawing.

  • Enter the part number in the device and place the tiles where they will be lit.

  • It is placed on the device and completed for one sheet.

  • Arrange each sheet side by side to see the overall image.

Dot Art: Mosaic Tile 10mm square

Tajimi City Koizumi Elementary School

Design : Aoshima & Hibino Design Community JV / Contractor : Giken & Yoshikawa & Kato JV

Dot Art : Mosaic Tile 22.5x22.5mm


Design&Construction : Takenaka Corporation / Pillar & Pool Tank : DIAMANT MOSAIC

Dot Art : Mosaic Tile 20x20mm

Hand Cut Art

We work to produce high-quality tile art by shaping each piece by hand, keeping in mind the flow of the joints.

  • We will propose a concrete image so that you can confirm the texture of the tiles.

Production Process

We will also propose a plan that meets your budget, delivery date, and other conditions. Since the entire process is done in-house, we are able to provide you with detailed information on progress.

  • 1. Based on the original drawing, we will produce a full-size draft on a large format output machine according to the size you specify.

  • 2. The glass mosaic nippers are used to break the pieces one by one while arranging them on the full-size rough sketch.

  • 3. Consider various factors such as contours, focal points, and subtle color differences, and arrange them while envisioning the best possible finished product.

  • 4. After the art has been arranged, it is fixed with glued paper. After drying, the art is divided into pieces of the appropriate size for installation and sent to you along with an allocation drawing showing the order in which the pieces are to be arranged.

  • Completed (full hand art)


Combining mosaic art and ring saws

  • completion

Combination of different types of mosaics

  • φ1,400mm

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